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Introducing Elastic Cloud Web Hosting

Introducing Elastic Cloud Web Hosting

Service That Let You Save Even More
We are pleased to announce the launch of Elastic Cloud Web Hosting at our facilities located in Malaysia data center. New hosting service that serve as an alternative to VPS, with more allocation of resources compared to conventional hosting.

Free Bandwidth Upgrade

Great news to all VPS customers who currently hosted in CX2 Data Center, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Your VPS enjoy free bandwidth upgrade with capability of burstable up to 20Mbps*. With this exercise, your VPS allowed to burst up to 20Mbps for a short period of time...

Discontinue of OpenVZ based VPS

Effective from February 2017, we are officially stop accepting new order for OpenVZ VPS. Simply because of the technology moving towards true virtualization and more flexibility for end user. Existing customer who currently host on OpenVZ based VPS will remain unchange, but, you can request to migrate your current server to our KVM based VPS.

New Service – Cloud VPS

we are pleased to bring you the new service platform – Cloud VPS. This new platform allow user to have more flexible and highly scalable virtual server.

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