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Earn Rewards For Writing Review




Customer satisfaction always the key performance index for service line. The scenario same goes to hosting industry which also prioritize service performance. Hence we had prepared a client review section for all active or former customers who use our services for their interest or businesses. In return of your valuable review, you will get 10%  (or max. $10) rebate credit* on your next month invoice or new order. You are encourage to include company logo or photo when submit your valuable review to us, as a link back to your company website will be ready.

How This Work

Step 1
Visit to and enter your details. Make sure you enter email as per you registered in our client portal.

Step 2
Write your review for services that you had ordered with us.

Step 3
Once your review is selected, we will credit 10% or up to $10 to your client account with us. You can use the credit to pay your next invoice either for existing service or new order.

Terms & Conditions Applied.